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National Palliative Care Week

National Palliative Care Week is an annual awareness raising week organised by Palliative Care Australia.

Anticipated National Palliative Care Week dates for 2016: 22 – 28 May 2016


National Palliative Care Week 24-30 May 2015

Dying to talk; talking about dying won’t kill you

Australians do not like to talk about death and dying, it is one of the last taboos. But death happens to us all and to have the best death possible, we need to plan and prepare for it.

On National Palliative Care Week, Palliative Care Australia (PCA) is encouraging Australians to break the last taboo and talk about death – it won’t kill you.

PCA wants to normalise death and dying and to do this we need to feel more comfortable about talking about our wishes and needs as we near the end of life. In this way we can be confident about asking for the care we want.

A number of events are planned for National Palliative Care Week 2015 please see below for a calendar of national and local events.
Posters and social media imagery can be downloaded from the PCA website here. You can also send letters to your elected representatives to advocate for awareness about palliative care.

PCA launched the Guide to a Social Media Afterlife as part of the week. The media release can be found here.

Available collateral:
Posters – there are two versions, one has a blank space where you can type or write in the details of your local event
1. Regular version
2. Blank space version

Facebook images – please change your organisation/personal facebook page images during NPCW
1. Profile picture
2. Cover photo

Twitter images – please change your organisation/personal Twitter images during NPCW
1. Profile picture
2. Banner picture

Email Signature – if you would like to add NPCW logo to your email signature for the week

PCA will be running social media competitions on our facebook and twitter accounts. Prizes will be available to those who participate. Remember to use our hashtags and logos to promote the week and get more people involved in a great cause.

Hashtags: to join a Twitter conversation or competition use: #npcw15 #dyingtotalk
Other hashtags are: #pallcareaust #palliativecare
Our twitter name is: @Pall_Care_Aus
Hashtags for specific competitions will be released when the competitions are announced. Please continue to use the main hashtag: #npcw15

LettersForm letter for MPs to send to your local Member of Parliament
You can find the local members electorate office details through the link below: 

Toolkittoolkit is attached to help plan your events and promote National Palliative Care Week

PCA encourages all Australians to use National Palliative Care Week as a conversation starter – get together with those closest to you and celebrate life (have a meal or a coffee) and talk about death.
• How do you want to be cared for?
• What values are important to you?
• What do you want when you die?
• Have you considered if you wish to be buried or cremated?
• Do you want to pass away at home or in a hospice?
• Have you established a power of attorney?
All these questions and more need to be addressed so you can have the best death possible and your family and friends know your wishes.
Talking can be difficult. Talking about your wishes in a calm environment ahead of big decisions will make it easier. An advance care plan is one of the ways to express your wishes on how you want to die and arrangements after your death. You can find an advance care plan template here.
So during National Palliative Care Week; take a moment to think about death. How you want to die and how you want to be cared for to live well.
If you have any stories or suggestions you would like to share please contact our media office on or call (02) 6232 4433.

PCA will be running a number of free trivia nights across Australia as part of NPCW. Find out more here.

Download the Events Calendar 



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